Cynthia Fraula-Hahn


Cynthia Fraula-Hahn is an artist, arts activist and art historian based in Shepherdstown. Her art has been featured nationally in solo and group exhibitions in New York City, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Richmond.   She served as a liaison between the Corcoran Museum of Art and Lord Fairfax Community College and as a board member of the Lord Fairfax Community College Education Foundation.  She was Executive Director of The Kurtz Cultural Center in Winchester, VA. Several of Cynthia’s works are in the Bodice Project’s collection of sculptures.


Kathryn Stella

Vice President

Kathryn is an artist, activist and media advisor. She has worked extensively in film, theater and ballet as a costumer. Aside from fiber and multimedia art, Kathryn is a garden designer and historic garden restoration advisor. Kathryn has contributed two sculptures to The Bodice Project.


Elise Baach


Elise Baach is an attorney and a member of the bar associations of District of Columbia, Maryland and California.  She has worked in the federal government, the nonprofit sector and in private practice.  Most recently Elise was appointed by the federal court for the District of Columbia to serve as mediator and arbitrator in two federal class actions.  In addition to her legal work, Elise has served as a board member of nonprofit organizations in a variety of fields, including disability advocacy, educational opportunity and theater.


Kerstin Budlong


Kerstin is combining her knowledge as the Office Manager of a local law firm with her love of service by acting as the Treasurer of The Bodice Project. Kerstin has a long history of service to her community, as one of the founding members of an organization in upstate New York that helps domestic violence victims, a member of the local Head Start Board, a representative to CACHE (Community Action Commission to Help the Economy) and a certified family mediator. She is currently a CASA volunteer, advocating for children in the Eastern Panhandle who find themselves involved in the Court system. As a 2 time breast cancer survivor, The Bodice Project is especially close to her heart.

Robert Mahaffey


Robert Mahaffey is the Executive Director of the Rural School and Community Trust, a national nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. that addresses the crucial relationship between good schools and thriving communities. Robert is also the Vice Chairman of Coalition for Community Schools, an alliance of national, state and local organizations committed to the establishment of community schools and the development of innovative solutions that build on a community’s strengths.


Amy Childers


Amy Childers is of Ashkenazic descent, and is an artist, a yoga instructor, and an occupational therapist. She became interested in the Bodice Project when she discovered that she was positive for a hereditary mutation, which greatly increased her chances of contracting breast and/or ovarian cancer. Genetic counseling and medical intervention led her to the reality that it was in the best interest for her health to prophylactically remove susceptible tissues: ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and breasts. She was excited to be included in the The Bodice Project, as her story was a bit different, and she didn’t actually have a cancer diagnosis…rather a heart wrenching but unfathomable opportunity to change her genetic destiny.  She is passionate that no woman should have to go this path alone, and is interested in resilience, survivorship, and therapies that provide healing assistance through alternative means such as art, connection, music and movement. She is also a volunteer for a support organization for people with genetic mutations that raise their risks of cancer.