The goal of The Bodice Project is to aid in the emotional healing of those women and men facing the challenges of breast cancer and to open the eyes and hearts of others. It is a project that brings together artists, breast cancer survivors, patients and the public in a unique and meaningful way. Artists from the Mid-Atlantic area have created torso sculptures, some of actual women and men who have undergone mastectomies or reconstructive surgery. When presented to the public these beautiful works evoke a range of emotion, from empathy to solace. We invite you to connect with us as a contributor, through tax deductible donation, or as a sponsor. Join us in this very important mission!



“I’d had a visual in my mind of this very thing, thinking how wonderful it would be to sensitize our sex crazed society to the real body in all its varied forms, not just the perfect model body but the reality of old and crinkly, the mutilated, the amputated, war-torn, life-torn, so as to learn to perceive the beauty in the imperfect too . . . does that make sense?"

             —Anonymous Breast Cancer Survivor




The Bodice Project is a 501(c)(3) organization.