Bodice Project to host a raffle


Bodice Project to host raffle to support travel to Chicago for breast cancer awareness art exhibit

Shepherdstown, WV. (March 10, 2018)- Shepherdstown, WV. The Bodice Project (TBP) is a sculptural exhibit that focuses on the emotional healing and support for women and men facing the challenges of post breast cancer.  We are hosting a RAFFLE fundraiser for their trip to exhibit at the American Association For Cancer Research (AACR) conference in Chicago in April 2018. The RAFFLE is located at Town Run Brew Pub from March 6 – April 7th.  The winner will be announced at the Town Run Tap House in Shepherdstown on April 7 before a live audience at 8:00pm. The Bodice Project board of directors and friends will be at Town Run Brew Pub at 6:30 p.m.  
“The Bodice Project exhibition in Chicago is not just about having an exhibit,” Bodice Project president Cynthia Fraula-Hahn said. “It’s about sharing this concept with hospitals, cancer centers and communities.  It’s about the interaction between the artists and the survivors, creating an impact of what breast cancer looks like through beauty.  It brings the conversation to the public in a unique form.”
The Bodice Project brings together artists, breast cancer survivors, patients and the public in a unique and meaningful way. Artists from the Mid-Atlantic area have created torso sculptures, some of actual women and men who have undergone mastectomies or reconstructive surgery. When presented to the public these beautiful works evoke a range of emotion, from empathy to solace.
"I loved seeing the wrap when it came off because I looked at it and I thought, 'wow, that's me! And it's really beautiful!' I was struck suddenly that I'm still pretty. That doesn't happen all the time," an anonymous breast cancer survivor said.
Raffle tickets can be purchased at the Town Run Tap House in Shepherdstown between March 7 and April 7. Proceeds of the raffle will be used for expenses such as building the pedestals and containers, renting vans for travel and storage facilities to house the art works, as well as covering the numerous expenses incurred in moving and mounting the exhibit.  No monies will be used for any travel expenses for those who are staffing the exhibit in Chicago.
    TBP also has a campaign at for donations.  Every $10 donated will be assigned a raffle ticket number.  You will be entered in our raffle!
The Bodice Project is a not-for-profit sculptural exhibition that promotes emotional healing, through the arts, for women and men facing the challenge of breast cancer, and life after treatment. Learn more at

Kathryn Stella