The Bodice Project is a not-for-profit sculptural exhibition that promotes emotional healing, through the arts, for women and men facing the challenge of breast cancer, and life after treatment.

We have found that those dealing with breast cancer and its aftermath find real healing of the spirit in seeing their struggles and triumphs reflected in art.

Created by a group of artists, The Bodice Project is an uplifting and sensitive exhibit that focuses on breast cancer inner healing and awareness. This project facilitates personal connections with artists, individuals who have endured breast cancer, and the general public.

Athena by Joan Bontempo, photo by Mark Muse

"I love this project because it's different. It shows that even though you go through this process - there's tomorrow - and that's what I care about. Tomorrow, always."
- anonymous breast cancer survivor


The quotes interspersed here are from breast cancer survivors who have participated as models in The Bodice Project. We interview our models to give them the opportunity to discuss the creative process. We find that both recent breast cancer patients and long term survivors value reflecting upon their experiences with the artistic aspect of the project and its impact on their attitude about breast cancer in general. This is one of the many ways this project supports inner healing. 

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"I loved seeing the wrap when it came off because I looked at it and I thought, 'Wow, that's me! And it's really beautiful!' I mean, I was struck suddenly that I'm still pretty. That doesn't happen all the time."

After several successful shows we are committed to reaching out to new communities in order to expand the scope of the exhibit. We also identify charities in these communities who aid breast cancer patients in direct ways; by providing rides, childcare, meals and cleaning services to those in treatment. We donate funds raised at our events to these charities. We are on the verge of expanding into new communities and reaching out to new artists and breast cancer charities. We have several venues lined up for the coming year and have our not-for-profit fiscal sponsorship in place with Fractured Atlas to receive tax deductible donations. We invite you to contact us as a contributor, a donor, or a sponsor. Join us in this very important mission!